Video Acting

FJU Self-learning Activity 107-2

Use your English ability in a fun way with your friends.

It's easy. Choose a part of a TV show or movie that you enjoy and act it out.
We'll help you. We'll make sure that you are ready, then record and edit the video.
Show your friends how great you are. Click on "Videos" in the menu to watch the videos.

** Please note this project ended in 107-2 **
The current project is the EngNet "Video Acting" contest .
The following information is no longer valid - for reference purposes only.

How to prepare

Number of people in group - 2 to 4 persons. This is not the same as number of acting roles (one person can act more than one role or more than one person can act the same role).
The length of your video must be approximately one minute per person (4 person group = ~4 minutes of acting).

When you want to start, please tell us 4 things: (use 107-2 project form to tell us)
1. Your names and student numbers.
2. A contact email address or LINE ID.
3 The name of the show and which part(s) you are going to act. You can act one part or at most two parts of the show.
4. A script for the video. You can try to find subtitles for the show or watch it and write down the dialogue.

Your group does not need to be able to act your video or have your lines memorized, yet. We will look at your script with you, and talk to you about how to prepare for your acting.

If you have questions, contact us at

drama Holistic Education Center