Video Acting

FJU Self-learning Activity

February 25 - Friends (season 10 episode 9)

Joey loves food, but doesn't like to share it with others.
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May 22 - Frozen (sleigh ride)

Anna chats with Kristoff about her true love.
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May 31 - Ralph Breaks the Internet (Vanellope meets the Disney princesses)

The Disney princesses encourage Vanellope to follow her dreams and find her own song.
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June 04 - Zootopia (the mystic spring oasis)

Officer Judy Hops and Nick Wilde visit the Mystic Spring Oasis searching for information about Emmitt Otterton.
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June 10 - Friends (season 5 episode 17)

Joey tries to find a hot girl and Rachel kisses her potential boss on the cheek at the end of a job interview.
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June 12 - Detective Pikachu (first meeting in the hi-hat cafe)

Tim and Pikachu discuss the mysterious disappearance of Harry Goodman, who is Pikachu’s former partner and is also Tim’s father.
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June 13 - 2 Broke Girls (luis - the new day waiter)

Luis, the new day waiter, receives some training from Max and Caroline, and takes an interest in Oleg.
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June 14 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (first meeting in the train)

Ron, Harry and Hermione chat about candy, cards and magic aboard the Hogwarts Express train.
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June 21 - Bridesmaids (the longest argument)

A jewelry store employee, Annie, and a teenage girl exchange insults with each other.
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